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Cannibal en streaming complet

Feb. 29, 2020 (USA) 98 Min. N/A
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Voir en complet le film Cannibal : This is the story of the darkest side of humanity cannibal , and its unyielding need for redemption. Walter, a man so filled with shame, he deems himself unfit for society and flees deep into the wilderness hoping to escape the irreversible damage he has caused. One day, the bearded exile happens upon an abandoned campsite and decides it would be as good a place as any to make his home. Though seemingly alone, with no accusers to face, Walter finds his conscience and memories will not allow him to flee. Nor will the dark ‘presence’ in the woods. A traveler, named Carling, who happens upon his campsite one morning, further shatters his solitude. Despite Walter’s reluctance, Carling persists in befriending the « modern ape-man », shrugging off his threats and misanthropy by offering gifts. Carling finds Walter to be the perfect sounding board for his unorthodox views on spiritualism and death. Although his views may seem shockingly honest and difficult to swallow, they are never malevolent. In fact, Carling seems to take pleasure in the simple things, like a good conversation, a shiny red apple, and old clichés like ‘curiosity killed the cat. » Over time, Walter’s living conditions begin to take their toll on his body, as well as his state of mind. When he becomes very ill, Carling proves his friendship to Walter by making his final days as comfortable as possible. He shows him that all men are deserving of love. All they need is the willingness to accept it.

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